We take a look at the Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3

Like the previous Next Level Racing motion platforms, the V3 was designed to easily mate up with the Next Level Racing GT Ultimate V2 Racing Simulator.  The only modification that the V3 motion platform requires to the GT Ultimate V2 is the swapping out of the side-panels under the seat, which is okay because the V3 comes with new steel side panels that look great, with machined GT Ultimate logo.

Not only do the new panels look great but so does the motion platform itself.  The shape, materials, fit and finish are all top notch.  As we mentioned earlier, the external power supply from the V1 went internal for the V2 design, and is carried over for the V3, really cleaning up the look.

The only noticeable visual change from the V2 to the V3 is the motion platform’s color, which has gone from very red on the V2 to black on the V3.  I did think the red looked sharp on the V2 but once installed on the GT Ultimate, the black does have a classier look.

Out of the box, the V3 motion platform arrives like most motion simulators, overly stimulated.  With every setting in the Next Level Racing Platform Manager Software set to 1.0, the platform can really throw you around.

But, that’s where the excellent Platform Manager Software comes in.  Not only does the software support every sim I could think of, but it allows you to adjust as many settings as the game’s API allows you.  This means you can create custom profiles for each title, and even a custom profile for each car in that title.  This process is made easier by the fact that you can clone profiles you already made, then fine tune for individual car.

It’s about feeling an instantaneous response to the on-screen action, not being thrown around all over the place.

Was the Next Level Motion Platform V3 able to do this?  For the most part, yes.

While the V1’s speed at the time felt fine, you can feel the 200% increase in speed on the V3.  It does feel like motion is being translated to you quicker, not only in onset of the motion but the time it takes to get from point-A to point-B.

Another category it not only does well in, but is a class leader in, is noise level.  This V3 is unbelievably quiet!

By nature, motion simulators are noisy.  Actuators moving seats and/or full simulators around are going to make noise, it’s just part of the deal.

But this is not the case at all with the V3.  It barely makes any sound.  I truly was blown away by this and it really makes it the ideal motion solution if your housemates or neighbors have been the reason why you haven’t purchased a motion simulator.

Another category that the V3 continues to also lead in is lack of space used.  Like the previous versions, the under the seat design is ideal when space is at a premium.

One more point I want to hit on is support.  Next Level Racing has always been fantastic at pushing updates for their motion platforms.  Since I’ve had the V3, there’s been at least an update a month and sometimes two, always refining and putting in new features based off of community input.

Now, let’s roll to our final thoughts on the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3.

In short, we like the V3. we think it looks cool, we like how compact it is, we like that it’s faster, we love how quiet it is, and we're always impressed by the speed of the software updates.

This all adds up to a package that I find to be immersive.